Demagogue Ravager Razor

Leader of the Nanomage Extermination Crusade


Level 20 Male Gun Knight 


Str: 10+10+0=20 (5)

Dex: 10+10+0=20 (5)

Con: 10+7+0=17 (3)

Int: 10+7+0=17 (3)

Wis: 10+4+0=14 (2)

Cha: 10+15+0=25 (7)



Toughness: 3+3+5=11

Fortitude: 7+3+0=10

Reflex: 5+5+0=10

Will: 5+2+0=7



Defense: 10+8+5=23

Initiative: 5+0+2=7 

Attack: 10

Ranged Attack: 15

Melee Attack: 15



32 points left 


Class Skills:

Dual-Wield 5

Charge 3

Basic Melee Weapons 5

Staggering Blow 5 

Critical Hit 5

Dodge 5

Akimbo Mastery 5

Basic Ranged Weapons 5

One-Handed Mastery 5

Universal Vulnerability Compendium 5

Close-Combat Shot 5

Take Aim 2 



Elite Fanatic NTBS: +5 Toughness

2x CAW-90: +2 Damage, Armor Piercing, Autofire, Magazine (50)

2x The Razor (Wakizashi): +9 Damage, Armor Penetration, +2 Attack, Unbreakable


Demagogue Ravager Razor has watched as Nanomage fanatics attempted to unravel the world with their selfish desire to rule humanity. Intent on showing the Nanomages that they can oppress nobody, he made a great following from his fellow humans preaching vehemently the evils of such unnatural powers. Although his followers lack training, they make up for it in zeal and resolve. Even some Nanomages are drawn to his cause, attempting to erase their fellow mistakes from existance.

Demagogue Ravager Razor

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