General Andie Blackheart

The leader of the Aggus Andie Private Military Corporation, the most powerful contractors in the world.


Level 20 Male Commando



Str: 10+10=20 (5)

Dex: 10+ 5=15 (2)

Con: 10+15=25 (7)

Int: 10+5=15 (2)

Wis: 10+10=20 (5)

Cha: 10+10=20 (5)



Toughness: 3+7+12=22

Fortitude: 3+7+0=10 

Reflex: 3+2+0=5

Will: 5+5+0=10



Defense: 10+5+5=20

Initiative: 4+2+2=2

Attack: 7

Ranged Attack: 7+2=9

Melee Attack: 7+5=12



Intimidate: 15+5+0=20

Notice: 9+5+0=14

Profession (Mercenary): 5+5+0=10

Survival: 10+5+0=15 


Class Skills:

Quick Draw 3

Basic Ranged Weapons 5

Assault Weapons 3

Suppressive Fire 5

Rifle Melee Combat 5 

Heavy Weapons 5

Anti-Tank Weapons 5 

Focused Autofire 5

Entrenchment 5 

Elusive Target 5 

Assault Weapons Mastery 2



Heavy Elite Mercenary Custom NTBS: +10 Toughness

AKMG 'Jitters': +6 Damage, Autofire, additional +1 Damage against Armor Toughness of 2 or less, DC17 Strength check or target is Knocked Down, Overheating, Bipod, -2 Attack, additional -2 Attack against targets within 3 Squares, Magazine (200)

RPG-100: +10 Damage first stage, +30 Damage second stage over 4 squares (only after hitting Vehicle or Structure armor), Vehicle Armor Penetration (ignores projectile Immunity), Low Ammo, Magazine (4)


The leader of the Aggus Andie Private Military Contractors corporation, born with a rifle in one hand and a grenade in the other. Leading the PMC to glory on the UEG's payroll in the Third Derelict War, he set his sights toward loftier ambitions once his company was fattened with manpower and wealth. A fragile peace exists between Andie and the UEG while the UEG preserves manpower and resources hiring mercenaries to suppress the coming conflict. Andie is making the gamble that running the UEG financially dry will soften them before he makes his move, but with a corporation as powerful as Phoenix Conglomerate behind them, the odds do not favor him.

General Andie Blackheart

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