Weapon Modifications

Silencer: Any non-Stealth Weapon item that is fitted with a silencer becomes nearly impossible to hear when fired. However, it deals -1 Damage and loses 3 Attack. It gains +1 Attack during Autofire, due to the weight stabilizing the weapon. A DC20 Notice check is required to hear this weapon firing. After 30m out, a Silenced weapon cannot be heard.

Rail Extension (Pistol): Extending the barrel of a pistol, a Rail Extension makes a pistol more accurate. However, it can no longer accept a silencer or any other barrel mods including below-barrel rail mods. +1 Attack

Rail Extension (Rifle): Extending a Rifle's barrel, the Rail Extension makes a rifle much more accurate. However, it can no longer accept a silencer, laser sight, launcher or flashlight. It can still accept a Master Key doorgun. +2 Attack, -3 Attack within 10m of target

Flashlight: A small tactical flashlight that illuminates the area in front of the user in a 45-degree arc. Pointing this flashlight directly at a target in close range will Blind them for 1 turn if they fail a DC15 Reflex save to look away.

Laser Sight: A laser pointer that takes much of the guesswork out of close-quarters combat by illuminating the target with a high-visibility red dot.  +2 Attack within 10m of the target, DC10 Notice check for enemy to see the pointer when activated

'Master Key' Doorgun: A cut-down tactical shotgun designed to be mounted below most modern SMGs and assault rifles, the 'Master Key' is pump-action and can fit few shells inside it's internal magazine. However, it can accept many types of specialty rounds, leading to many Shock Troopers using the weapon in favor of an ASG. The 'Master Key' is often used either to force entry through doors or as an emergency close-combat weapon. +Variable, Ammo Types, Magazine (3)

Bipod: A mounted accessory that disallows use of a Flashlight, Laser Sight or 'Master Key', a Bipod is used to steady a weapon during firing. This helps eliminate recoil, muzzle drift and breathing pattern interference. A Bipod can only be Deployed on a suitable surface, such as the ground, a trench wall, or a window. Gives +2 Attack while Deployed, if Deployed while not on a suitable surface the weapons takes -1 Attack

Scope: A telescopic sight mountable on top of all modern firearms to allow easier targetting at long range. A half-action must be used to aquire the target before the scope's benefit is gained. This action provokes Attacks of Opportunity. Once this is done, the scope multiplies RI of your weapon by 1.5, giving you half again your current RI (rounded up). This stacks with Precision 2 to give 2x your RI.

Weapon Modifications

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