A Swarm: The basic unit of nanobots as used in nanoprograms.

Utility Access Kit: A kit designed to interface with common computer and AI systems. Needed to make Computer Use and Disable Device checks at full proficiency.

Phoenix Mil-Spec Toolkit: A toolbox and Swarm interface that contains all the essentials for dealing with modern machines, vehicles, weapons and armor. This kit is needed to make Repair and Build checks at full profiency.

Rifle Leg Holster: A special holster designed to allow the user to carry more rifle-sized weapons than normally possible, at the cost of a Pistol holster. However, this holster impairs the user's mobility and can't be Quick Drawn from. -2 Dodge bonus, -5 Speed

Universal Environment Material Gas/Hazmat Breathing System: A special helmet that renders the wearer Immune to gas-based chemical dispersions and biological weapons, or any other material that would be sprayed into the face or inhaled. It also looks quite intimidating. Soldiers dealing with hazardous chemicals or using Averter Agent in their tactics often wear this mask. Others wear it simply for looks. Grants Immunity to gas-based and chemical attacks, -1 Dodge Bonus and -1 Armor Bonus (Minimum 1)

'Sanctity' Revitalization Charge: A heavy dosage of adrenaline and a myriad of other chemicals designed to restart vital functions and overdrive regenerative processes for 10 minutes. This can lower the DC of Stabilization to DC5, or give the target a DC15 Fortitude saves to be revived from death if they have been presumed dead for only two minutes. The Fortitude save is unneeded if the character using the charge succeeds a DC20 Medicine check. After revival, they must Stabilize with a DC20 Fortitude check or recieve medical attention (DC20 Medicine check) within an hour or be Dying.

'Catalyst' Swarm Cyclic Charge: A glass vial that contains a massive amount of preprogrammed Swarm. When shattered, the vial will release enough Swarm to fill the Support's Swarm Cloud completely and drive it's regeneration into overdrive (+30 Swarm Recovery) for 10 minutes.

Phoenix Mil-Spec Medkit: A satchel containing bioregenerative bandages, projectile extractors, neuronal deadening breathers, diamond-edged UDNT blades, a cautery iron, nanotube armor patching and an extra supply of 'Sanctity' Revitalization Charges. This kit is needed to make a Medicine check at full proficiency. Healing per use: Medicine ranks + 5 per turn for 3 turns. Surgical Healing: Medicine ranks + 5×5

Phoenix Elite-Spec Medkit: A deluxe version of the Mil-Spec kit containing Hospital-grade bioregenerative bandages. Healing per use: Medicine ranks + 10 per turn for 3 turns. Surgical Healing: Medicine ranks + 10×7

Machinist's Swarm Kit: A toolkit housing a complex computer system that interfaces with the carrier's Swarm cloud, providing sensory data and allowing nanotechnical manipulation of machines. This kit is issued to Nanomachinists and gives +1 to all their skill checks when manipulating machines, computers and demolitions equipment.

Swarm Focal Implant: This implant serves as a focus for all commands issued to the user's Swarm cloud and a receptor for incoming nanobots from others. It also functions as a reservoir for additional Swarm. A basic Focal Implant can be further augmented with the addition of more powerful control chips or a held Focus. +6 Swarm Recovery, +50 Maximum Swarm, -1 to all nanoprogram Swarm costs (minimum 5)

Utility Gauntlet: This gauntlet interfaces with the user's Swarm cloud and serves as a conduit and tool, directing Swarm as tools to accomplish most tasks the wearer will encounter. Some tasks still require highly specialized tools and materials. +4 Swarm Recovery, +50 Maximum Swarm, Allows the user to make most Computer Use, Sentient Electronics, Disable Device, Demolitons and Repair checks without penalty at the cost of 30 Swarm/round

Datapad: This basic device consists of a screen, wireless cellular reciever, miniaturized synthesized diamond semiconductors, synthetic copper contacts and synthesized diamond CPU. Since this is a miniature model, it lacks the computing power of full sized machines, but can still accomplish most tasks when full-sized alternatives are unavailable or inconvenient. Halves the penalty for many Computer Use and Disable Device checks involving a computer when a computer is not present.

Notebook Computer: An upsized version of the Datapad with greatly improved functionality and speed. This portable alternative to the desktop has wired interfaces as well and is almost as fast as it's non-portable counterparts. However, it still lacks upgradeablity beyond the factory and can't be easily repaired. All Computer Use and Disable Device checks involving a computer can be made at full proficiency. +3 to Repair DC.

Swarm Focus: A specialized handheld computer designed to interface with a Utility Gauntlet through terminals in the fingertips. This handheld computer contains special programming for controlling, storing and using all forms of nanotechnology with extreme efficency. This comes at a price, however: As long as the Support chooses to gain benefit from the Focus, the hand with the Utility Gauntlet attached must remain holding the Focus. For the purpose of using skills, the Focus can be temporarily attatched to a hook on the Gauntlet to free the hand. However, nanoprograms do not gain the benefits of the Focus during that time, and no nanoprograms may be cast. Maintained nanoprograms in the Focus remain for one hour before dismissing themselves. Removing or reattaching the Focus to the Gauntlet is a free action that can only be done once per round.


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