Support Class Tree

Nanotechnical Support – Nanotechnical Support characters are highly focused on utility. Supports use their Talents to deal significant ranged Damage, boost their Swarm recovery, and aid their squad in non-combat situations.

3HP / Training Level

Basic Nanoweaponry- Allows use of nanobots to create a flechette of a material and propel it at high velocity toward a target. Ranks indicate increasing mastery, which allows use of more exotic materials. These materials are Iron (+4), Steel (+6), Titanium (+8), Carbon-Jacketed Titanium (+10, +1 AP) and Ultra-Dense Carbon (+12, +1 AP). This nanoprogram has a Critical Threat range of 19-20 and a (24+4/Rank)m RI. This nanoprogram costs 10 Swarm, +4 Swarm per rank, starting at Rank 1.

Nanobot Buckler- Even the lowest of novice Support Casters has access to the primitive Nanobot Buckler program. Projecting a thin barrier screen of nanobots in front of a single target, the Buckler makes its user slightly more difficult to hit by attempting to deflect kinetic energy away. This Talent costs 4 TP and gives +1 Defense and Toughness. This nanoprogram costs 50 Swarm to execute. These bonuses carry into better Nanobot Shielding programs.

Nanobot Recovery Booster- Allows a Support to recover additional Swarm. This Talent costs 3 TP and gives a +10 Swarm Regen bonus.

Nanobot Utility Interface- Allows a Support to gain entry into systems such as demolitions equipment, cipher locks, computer and Qputer consoles, and medical interfaces. This Talent costs 3 TP and gives +2 to Computer Use, Demolitions and Disable Device checks against these systems if the Support takes a Full action to ready it.

Support becomes Nanonemesis or Nanobastion

Nanonemesis – The Nanonemesis trains to deny his opponents their defensive and offensive abilities through any means necessary. They use Specialist Nanoweaponry to incapacitate targets while sapping enemy Swarm, boosting their own Swarm reserves, and punishing melee attackers with flying shrapnel.

3HP / Training Level

Specialist Nanoweaponry – The Nanonemesis begins to branch out into more advanced uses for his Swarm, becoming able to affect the minds and bodies of those around him with nanobots. Rank 1 gives Rake Eyes, causing Blindness for two turns on one target if they fail a DC(10+SN ranks) Fortitude save. Rank 2 gives Induce Illness, causing a target to feel sick and vomit if they fail a DC(12+SN ranks) Fortitude save. Rank 3 gives Neuronal Dissonance, causing the target to have a split-second Seizure (if they fail a DC[15+SN ranks] Will save) that may trigger other harmful effects. Rank 4 gives Choking Gas, dispersing a mild irritant that can cause Blurred Vision if affected characters fail a DC(15+SN ranks) Fortitude save (-33% Attack, rounded down) and cause Coughing if they fail a DC(10+SN ranks) Fortitude save (Breaks Concentration, loses Dodge bonus). Rank 5 gives Lullaby, causing a target to Sleep if they fail a DC(15+SN ranks) Fortitude save. These nanoprograms cost 15 Swarm per square affected.

Sap Nanobot Swarm – The Nanonemesis develops means to replenish his Swarm while denying his opponents. A Nanonemesis Swarm is capable of siphoning from an opponents Swarm as a full-turn action, returning two Swarm to him for every four Swarm stolen. Each rank gives a stacking +5 to Swarm stolen per turn. Rank 5 additionally allows the Nanonemesis to siphon from fallen foes.

Nanobot Swarm Reserves – The Nanonemesis believes the best way to never run out of Swarm is to have more than you need. Each rank gives a +8 to the Nanonemesis’ maximum Swarm capacity.

Nanobot Needle Aura – The Nanonemesis finds creative ways of protecting himself from attackers with his Swarm. Nanobots are projected in a thin screen across the casters front, programmed to crystallize and propel forward at high speed when attacked with a melee weapon. This makes it so anyone attacking the Nanonemesis in melee combat must make a DC(10+NNA ranks) Reflex save or be skewered by shrapnel for (1+NNA ranks) Damage. Success halves the Damage. This happens each time he is attacked, as long he has Swarm remaining. The Nanonemesis can choose not to trigger this ability. This nanoprogram costs 30 Swarm to execute and (Rank) Swarm each time its activated.

Nanobastion – The Nanobastion becomes adept at protecting and healing her squad with Swarm while decreasing Swarm costs of protective nanotechnology and using her nanotechnology knowledge to disable enemy weaponry. The Nanobastion also increases her Swarm recovery rate to better aid her allies.

3HP / Training Level

Swarm Interfacing – The Nanobastion learns that protecting her party from harm is her main role. Toward that end she becomes extremely in tune with her Swarm interface, decreasing the cost of otherwise prohibitive defensive nanotechnology. Ranks 1, 3 and 5 decrease Swarm costs of all defensive nanotechnology by a stacking -1 (minimum of 1). Ranks 2 and 4 increase Swarm recovery rate by a stacking +2.

Nanobot Aegis – The Nanobastion becomes more skilled at the use of nanobot defensive measures, allowing somewhat effective use of frontal-dispersed nanobot screens for defensive purposes. This Talent costs 5 TP and gives an additional +1 Defense and Toughness to the target of the maintained nanoprogram and affects one additional ally.

Nanobot Sutures – The Nanobastion can use her Swarm to heal allies for a small amount. Although slow, the Nanobastion is the only class with a healing ability until Tier 3. Each rank gives a stacking +2 Healing per round over 3 rounds when used.

Swarm Saboteur – The Nanobastion can use her Swarm to disable enemy Ranged weaponry. The target must succeed a DC(10+SS ranks) Disable Device check or have their Ranged weapon Jam. Successful prevention of a Jam adds a stacking +1 to the DC each round until the Jam succeeds or the nanobots are dispersed. Once a weapon has been cleared of either a Jam or the Swarm, the DC returns to normal. If the Nanobastion makes a ranged Nano Attack against the weapon as a half action while the Swarm remains inside, the enemy must make a DC15 Reflex save or take (Weapon Damage * [Magazine Size/8], rounded up) Damage. Success allows the weapon’s wielder to drop the weapon and take only half Damage.

Nanonemesis becomes Nanodestroyer or Nanomagician

Nanodestroyer – Nanodestroyers focus on exotic means of self-preservation while becoming a fearsome Damage-dealing force. Dishing out massive area of effect and single-target Damage, his only weakness is poor defensive skills against ranged weapons. He simply figures that the best defense is a good offense.

3HP / Training Level

Demolitionist – The Nanodestroyer becomes able to damage and destroy structures and vehicles with his Swarm. His Explosive Nanoweaponry deals double Damage against structures and vehicles. Burning Damage dealt against structures, vehicles and occupants by the explosion is doubled. Explosive Nanoweaponry’s Damage can be Tripled instead in this manner with an additional round and a DC25 Demolitions check.

Explosive Nanoweaponry – The Nanodestroyer’s signature attack saturates an area with volatile nanobots and detonates them, Burning anyone caught inside and inflicting Damage with microscopic shrapnel. Ranks 1, 3 and 5 give a stacking +10 Damage to the explosion, ranks 2 and 4 give stacking 1 and 2 Burning damage per round. A DC(15+EN ranks) Reflex save is allowed for half Damage. This nanoprogram costs 25 Swarm per square affected.

Nanobot Absorption Aura – The Nanodestroyer becomes increasingly shielded against enemy nanotechnical attacks, using his Swarm to protect himself. In doing so, his Swarm will absorb and convert some of the attacks Swarm cost into his own Swarm. This skill costs 5 TP, gives +1 Toughness against nanotechnical attacks, and gives an absorption rate of 2 Enemy Swarm\1 Swarm.

Nanobot Spike Aura – Upgrades the Needle Aura into a much more lethal and costly version. All ranks add a stacking +1 Damage bonus to Nanobot Needle Aura. All ranks increase Swarm cost by +2 each. This feat counts toward the DC of the Reflex save.

Shredder Salvo – The Shredder Salvo gives some area effect ability in situations where it would be unwise or impossible to use Explosive Nanoweaponry. Upgrades Basic Nanoweaponry by +1 Damage at rank 1. Ranks 2 through 5 allow the projection of +1 pellet per rank that can directed toward the same or different targets. For Damage and Swarm cost, this ability uses the Nanodestroyer’s Basic Nanoweaponry rank, multiplied appropriately. This multiplication is done before Swarm cost is discounted.

Swarm Overload – The Nanodestroyer’s Swarm needs are difficult to meet. Focusing on heavy use of high-cost nanotechnology, he must boost his reserves in any way possible. Adds +10 maximum Swarm per rank. Ranks 1, 3 and 5 add +5 Swarm recovery.

Nanomagician – The Nanomagician brings a huge variety of Damage options, Crowd Control abilities and party support to the table, all rolled up in a neat little package. No team could go wrong by bringing a Nanomagician into a combat mission.

3HP / Training Level

Fire Nanoweaponry – The Nanomagician immolates some of her Swarm with incendiary chemicals, spraying them over an area to bore through armor and skin of anyone caught in the Swarm cloud. Although Fire Nanoweaponry only deals Burning Damage, the agony of Burning nanobots boring into ones skin and bones can be very distracting. Concentration checks inflicted by Fire Nanoweaponry become DC(15+FN ranks) and the DC grows by 1 each turn the character is Burning or until the target is Swarm Purged. Any multi-turn skill checks require a Concentration check against Fire Nanoweaponry’s Damage, no matter how simple. Each rank gives a stacking +1 Attack bonus with Fire Nanoweaponry, and ranks 1, 3 and 5 give a stacking +2 Burning Damage bonus and allow coverage of +2 Area squares. This nanoprogram costs 15 Swarm per square affected.

Earth Nanoweaponry – The Nanomagician uses Swarm to create and propel a volley of nanosynth carbon pellets at a target. Large enough not to pierce armor and light enough not to crush bone, Earth Nanoweaponry does little Damage. Instead, the carbon pellets flatten and crush on impact, transferring all their kinetic energy straight into the target. Ranks 1 through 4 deal +1 Damage and allow this attack to Stagger the target at ranks equal to Staggering Blow, substituting the Nanomagicians Earth ranks for Strength in the check. Failure deals no Damage and incurs a +4 Swarm cost. Rank 5 adds +2 Damage and halves the failure cost to +2 Swarm. This nanoprogram costs 20 Swarm.

Ice Nanoweaponry – The Nanomagician uses Swarm to snap-freeze nanosynth water into a volley of ultra-hard icy shards and propel these shards into an area, skewering all inside with frozen shrapnel. Anyone caught in the area is Slowed by the extreme cold of the shards (-20 Speed, -2 Initiative) unless a DC(10+IN ranks) Fortitude save is made. Ranks give a stacking +1 Attack, Area Square and Damage bonus with Ice Nanoweaponry. Rank 5 gives Ice Nanoweaponry a 2 Reflex penalty on targets as well. This nanoprogram costs 20 Swarm per square affected.

Air Nanoweaponry – The Nanomagician uses Swarm to ionize a channel of air between themselves and their target, creating a means to ground a deadly electrical charge through them. Rank 1 deals +3 Damage, and each rank after gives a stacking +2 Damage bonus. A critical hit from Air Nanoweaponry can Jump to all adjacent foes at a -1 Damage penalty or electrocute vehicle crews (DC15 Fortitude save or take triple Damage). This Nanoprogram costs 30 Swarm.

Elemental Combination Mastery – The Nanomagician learns to combine elements to elict various effects, some hurting enemies and some aiding allies. Rank 1 gives Earth+Fire, allowing the Nanomagician to Field-Repair damaged armor and weapons (-2 penalty instead of 4 for inappropriate tools or materials). Rank 2 gives +1 Damage to all Elemental Combination attacks. Rank 3 gives Ice+Fire, creating Blinding Steam over the area of effect (50% Concealment to all in area of effect, 3 Burning Damage), Rank 4 gives Fire+Air, allowing the Nanomagician to Cauterize with Swarm (DC10 Medicine check, Heals 20 Health, target takes 5 Damage if failed, this check can be made untrained at no penalty), Rank 5 gives Ice+Air, inflicting an automatic Critical Hit (bypassing Immunity) and allowing Air Nanoweaponry to Jump to all targets within Ice Nanoweaponry’s area of effect.

Nanobot Aegis – The Nanomagician becomes more skilled at the use of nanobot defensive measures, allowing somewhat effective use of frontal-dispersed nanobot screens for defensive purposes. This Talent costs 5 TP and gives an additional +1 Defense and Toughness to the target of the maintained nanoprogram and affects one additional ally.

Nanoempath – The Nanoempath is a highly defensive character that focuses on protecting, healing and removing conditions from the squad with nanoprograms. Although the Nanoempath does pack considerable offensive talent, the welfare of her squad should be her main concern. After all, it’s tough to resurrect your allies when twenty enemies are all gunning for your defenseless self.

4HP / Training Level

Defensive Specialization The Nanoempath is a highly defensive character who protects, heals and defends her party through heavy usage of nanotechnology skills. This training boosts a myriad of defensive nanotechnology skills effectiveness. Rank 1 boosts Nanobot Shielding skills by +1 Defense. Rank 2 allows the Swarm Purge to impart +2 to the target’s saving throws from nanobot inflicted Conditions for 3 turns. Rank 3 gives +1 Healing per tick to all Healing skills. Rank 4 gives an additional -2 Swarm cost to all Defensive Nanotechnology skills (minimum cost of 1). Rank 5 allows any Healing, Nanobot Shielding or Swarm Purge skill to give +2 to the target’s saving throws against all non-nanobot inflicted conditions except Staggered or Knocked Down. This bonus does not stack with different nanoprogram types.

Regenerate Nanobot Swarm – The Nanoempath can use her Swarm to reproduce Swarm for herself or her party much more efficiently than most would expect. This full-turn action uses and produces Swarm at a 10:10 ratio at rank 1, 10:15 at rank 2, 10:20 at rank 3, 10:25 at rank 4 until 10:30 at Rank 5.

Nanobot Phalanx – The ultimate in nanobot shielding, Nanobot Phalanx costs 5 TP and gives an additional +2 Defense to all affected and can affect +1 ally.

Nanobot Surgery – The Nanoempath uses Swarm to rapidly heal grievous wounds. Costing a massive amount of Swarm, Nanobot Surgery uses one turn to deploy Healing Swarm throughout the targets body and chemically overdrives regeneration while destroying foreign objects such as bullets. Some master surgeons have been reputed to be able to revive those recently presumed dead, but nobody will say for sure… Ranks give a stacking 5 Healing per round over 3 rounds. Rank 5 allows the Nanoempath to rekindle a recently deceased character’s lifespark (DC30 Medicine check). This nanoprogram costs 60 Swarm.

Mindshatter Swarm – The Nanoempath isn’t all defense. She can use her Swarm to infect the emotional centers of her target, causing anything from a mild emotional trip to utter mental destruction until the target is Swarm Purged. This attacks Swarm cost is massive, but the effects can be highly amusing, and generally as agonizing as they are deadly. A DC(15+MS ranks) Fortitude save must be made to avoid being Stunned for 5 turns and killed after those turns if you are not Swarm Purged and a DC15 Fortitude save is failed. A DC(20+MS ranks) Fortitude save must be made to avoid being Stunned for 2 turns and Suppressed. (A DC(25+MS ranks) Fortitude save must be made to avoid being Stunned for one turn, during which some interesting things about your inner self may be revealed. Or would, if anyone could understand your incoherent babbling. This nanoprogram costs 30 Swarm.

Greater Swarm Purge – The Nanoempath combines defense and offense with the Greater Swarm Purge, aiding her party while spreading Conditions among her foes. Each additional condition removed by Greater Swarm Purge costs an additional +10 Swarm. Rank 1 allows one Purged condition and its current duration to be sent back toward a foe of the Nanoempath’s choice. Rank 2 allows the Nanoempath to Purge +1 Condition. Rank 3 allows a second Purged Condition and its current duration to be sent back toward a foe of the Nanoempath’s choice. Rank 3 allows the Nanoempath to Purge an additional +1 Condition. Rank 4 allows a third Purged Condition and its current duration to be sent back toward a foe of the Nanoempath’s choice. Rank 5 allows the Nanoempath to Purge Bleeding, Blindness and Cleaven Flesh using the Cure check, no matter the source. This adds +10 to the DC of the Cure check and costs +10 Swarm.

Nanomachinist – The Nanomachinist specializes in setting up and defending areas. A strong defensive character best paired with Ranged classes or other Nanotechnical Support classes who can take advantage of the powerful defenses, area effect healing and weapon upgrades the Nanomachinist provides.

4HP / Training Level

Multi-Purpose Nanomachine – Uses 1 round and a large amount of Swarm to build a nanomechanical robot capable of a variety of tasks. Rank 1 costs 1 TP and allows the robot to deploy into a Regeneration Beacon, using the Nanomachinist’s Nanobot Sutures rank. Rank 2 costs 2 TP and allows the deployed robot to create a Minor Phase Shield, automatically causing some ranged attacks to deviate from their targets or explosive attacks to be deflected (relatively) harmlessly away. (Each ranged or explosive attack must roll a D10. Rolling a 1 or 2 on this D10 renders the attack deflected away. Attacks like Phosphorus, Flashbangs and Gas can still penetrate the shield and strike anyone in their area of effect. Phosphorus and Gas area effects are reduced by 1 square.) Rank 3 costs 1 TP and allows the robot to carry a single Sentry when undeployed. Rank 4 costs 1 TP and allows the Regeneration effect when the robot is undeployed. This nanoprogram costs 75 Swarm.

Nanobot Sentry – Uses one turn and a large amount of Swarm to create up to three emplaced Nanobot Sentry Turrets on any location within 4 squares of the Nanomachinist. This wonder of nanotechnology creates an automated turret that fires projectiles based on his Basic Nanoweaponry knowledge. The Nanomachinist can adjust the target for each turret as a free action. The turrets can each fire once per turn. The turrets are level 7 Constructs that have 40 Health, 4 Toughness, 11 Attack, 18 Defense, and can fire 30 shots before becoming useless and deactivating. Reloading them takes a half-turn and costs half the Swarm of deploying. Rank 1 costs 2 TP and allows the Nanomachinist to deploy two Sentries. Rank 2 costs 1 TP and allows the Sentries to each fire an additional +1 flechette that can hit the same or another target. Rank 4 costs 2 TP and allows the Nanomachinist to attach a Swarm Factory to one Sentry, giving it unlimited ammunition. It also allows the construction of one additional Sentry, for a total of 3. The Swarm and time cost of deploying the Factory is the same as a Sentry. This nanoprogram costs 80 Swarm per Sentry.

Swarm Field Workshop – Uses three rounds to add a stacking +1 per rank to all Computer Use, Disable Device and Security to all skill checks involving electronics, demolitions and nanomachine equipment. Ranks 3 and 5 take a stacking 1 from the DC of the check.

Swarm Fortifications – Uses one turn and a large amount of Swarm to create nanosynth carbon panels on any location within 3 squares of the Nanomachinist. These panels have 200 Health and give 50% Cover to all behind them. They are, however, highly vulnerable to explosives. Rank 1 costs 2 TP allows the creation of 1 panel. Rank 2 costs 2 TP and allows the creation of +2 panels. Rank 3 costs 1 TP and allows the panels to be Recycled, recovering half the Swarm cost of deployment. This nanoprogram costs 60 Swarm per panel.

Swarm Factory – The Nanomachinist uses one turn and a large amount of Swarm to build a Swarm Factory that uses a part of his Swarm reserves to produce ammunition for a weapon. This gives a weapon unlimited ammunition until the Factory runs out of nanobots. The factory lasts for 20 rounds. The Swarm Factory can be attatched onto a Sentry for an unlimited duration, but is destroyed when the turret is Sabotaged, the Nanomachinist is silenced, or the turret itself is destroyed. This skill costs 5 TP. This nanoprogram costs 80 Swarm.

Swarm Weapon Aug – The Nanomachinist can coat a magazine in nanobots, increasing the damage of every round in the magazine by +2. This skill can be used with Swarm Factory to provide unlimited augmented ammunition, or on a turret to augment the turrets flechettes. This skill costs 5 TP. This nanoprogram costs 50 Swarm.

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