The Story

For millenia, the United Earth Government ruled humanity through prosperity, peace and scientific innovation. Rebellions have been mostly brief, intermittent, and cost nothing. Until now.

Factions empowered by the proliferation of nanotechnology have surfaced and for the first time in millenia pose a threat to the UEG's reign.

Mercenaries led by Aggus Andie PMC challenge the UEG for power and personal gain. Though they are few in numbers, they are experienced veterans and expertly trained in the art of modern war.

Nanomage fanatics led by Arch-Destroyer Damien Deidrich seek to establish a new, Nanomage-only society. They seek to destroy all non-Nanomage life and exterminate all Nanomages who refuse to accept their radical ideaology.

The Crusaders are led by Demagouge Ravager Razor, an anti-nanotechnology fanatic on a mission. His fanatics seek to exterminate all Nanomages and personally execute the Executive Board of Phoenix Conglomerate Nanotechnology Division for unleashing the Swarm Plague upon the world. Demagouge Razor himself leads the Repentant, a cadre of elite Nanomages on a mission to erase their fellow mistakes.

What will become of our Earth? Will it finally fall, or will it rise to ever greater heights? That decision is in your squad's hands. Move out!


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