Computer Use    |Int|

Medicine    |Wis|

Repair    |Int|

Sleight of Hand    |Dex|

Performance (Type)    |Cha|

Search    |Int|

Investigation    |Int|

Balance    |Dex|

Concentration    |Wis|

Forgery    |Int|

Escape Artist    |Dex|

Jump    |Str|

Survival    |Wis|

Acrobatics    |Dex|

Ride (Type)    |Dex|

Notice    |Wis|

Stealth    |Dex|

Bluff    |Cha|

Diplomacy    |Cha|

Disguise    |Cha|

Sense Motive    |Cha|

Disable Device    |Int|

Pilot (Vehicle)    |Dex|

Repair    |Int|

Demolitions    |Int|

Intimidate    |Cha|

Build (Type)    |Int|

Knowledge (Type)    |Int|

Gather Information    |Cha|

Research    |Int|

Sentient Electronics: Add Computer Use, Diplomacy and Intimidate. Divide by 3. Separately add Int and Cha mods. Divide by 1.5. Round up to nearest whole number. Add both results together. 


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