Skilled Class Tree

Skilled Class – Skilled classes typically utilize ranged weaponry to deal Damage, while training to be able to place their shots precisely and avoid incoming Damage. Skilled classes also train for melee combat, although few will ever match a Brute in close combat endurance. They can deal area-effect Damage with automatic weapons, making them valuable against groups of foes. Their focus on utility and skills training makes them valuable out of combat as well.

4 HP/Training Level

Total Focus – Skilled combatants can add a Half action to any action and gain a +2 bonus toward it’s success, in the form of a +2 to Attack, +2 to Resist DC, +2 Defense, +2 to a single save, or +2 to a skill or ability check. Given a full minute, a Skilled combatant can add a +1 to any of the above for 3 hours. The +1 bonus can stack with the +2. This talent costs 5 TP.

Efficency – Skilled combatants are trained to do nearly anything with the utmost in speed and precision. Rank 1 costs 2 TP and gives a permanent +1 bonus to any 3 Skills of their choosing. Rank 2 costs 2 SP and gives +1 Attack. Rank 3 costs 1 TP and gives +1 to all saves.

Take Aim – A full-turn ranged attack that hits with uncanny accuracy, dealing extra Damage and partly nullifying Cover bonuses. The target must succeed a DC(15+TA ranks) Reflex save or lose (TA ranks) Defense and half their Cover bonus (rounded down) against the attacker. An additional half of the attacker’s +Damage is added and +(TA ranks/2) is added to critical threat range, no matter the result of the Reflex save. A Critical Threat while using Take Aim is automatically confirmed. Rank 5 gives an additional +1 Critical Threat range and +1 Damage while using Take Aim.

Skilled becomes Rifleman or Ranger

Rifleman – Forming the backbone of any infantry unit, Riflemen train for excellence in face-to-face ranged combat. There is little subtlety to a Rifleman’s fighting style, which involves automatic weapons, entrenchment and suppressive fire. The Rifleman can utilize ranged weapons in melee combat, making him quite deadly at any range, in any situation. In addition to his all-rounder combat proficiency, he trains his utility skills to make himself a formidable jack-of-all-trades no matter the challenge put before him.

5HP / Training Level

Total Focus – Taking a moment to ready himself, the Rifleman focuses on the task at hand. He gains +2 Attack, +1 Damage, +2 to a single Save or +2 to any 4 Skills for the next 3 rounds, or until the current skill check ends. This is a Full action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity.

Rifle Parry – The Rifleman can Block all melee attacks with his own Ranged weapon except Unarmed attacks. He gains +1 Defense when Blocking, and can Riposte Ranged weapon melee attacks.

Combat Medic – Riflemen are trained as secondary medics, should their Nanoempath be killed in action or otherwise incapacitated. Whenever a Rifleman bandages an ally, they gain +3 Health per tick. Whenever the Rifleman uses Surgery on an ally, they gain 1.5x the Health. This talent costs 5 TP.

Entrenchment – Riflemen are trained to use cover to it’s fullest. Riflemen behind Cover gain an additional percentage of their Cover’s Defense bonus. Concealment bonus is unaffected. Ranks 1, 3 and 5 give a stacking +10% Cover Defense bonus, rounded down to the nearest whole (but gaining at least 1 Defense). Ranks 2 and 4 give +1 Attack to the Rifleman while behind Cover.

Ranger – Rangers are trained for stealth operations, reconning enemy positions and taking out targets silently when needed. When a situation goes bad, the Ranger can easily flee from persuers.

4HP / Training Level

Alacrity- When in Stealth, using the Precision 2 feat, or under the influence of a Sanctity charge, the Ranger deals +2 Damage and gains +1 to Critical Threat range with any weapon requiring a Dexterity modifier to Attack. This includes melee weapons affected by the Weapon Finesse feat.

Backpain – As long as the Ranger is undetected by his target, the target is considered Unaware and Helpless. All ranks add a stacking +1 Damage to unaware criticals. Rank 5 increases normal Critical Threat range by +1 bonus as well.

Shadow-Class Utility Training – The Ranger is better equipped to deal with the challenges of stealth missions. He gains +4 Speed, +4 Defense while fleeing, +2 to Notice checks and +2 Initiative. This talent costs 5 TP.

Escapist – The Ranger trains to escape danger when things go wrong in enemy territory. Each rank adds a stacking +1 Defense and +10% Concealment bonus to the Ranger when she is fleeing from an enemy (PK’s discretion). Use of certain abilities may also drop the Ranger out of Escapist. Rank 5 also renders the Ranger Immune to Critical Hits while using Escapist.

Rifleman becomes Commando or Shock Trooper

Commando – The Rifleman tier trained to handle any situation that comes his way, the Commando’s broad variety of skills and weaponry make him an ideal choice for nearly any squad. Whether the team needs to patch up a vehicle, set demolitions, heal wounded allies or simply gun down anything in their path, the Commando can get it done. No team could go wrong by bringing a Commando into a combat mission.

5HP / Training Level

Heavy Weapons – Allows use of powerful Light Machine Gun weapons. Requires the Strafe feat. This talent costs 5 TP

Anti-Tank Weapons – Allows use of devastating Rocket Launcher and AT Rifle weapons. This talent gives +5 Damage to all Anti-Tank Rifle attacks and +40 to HEAT Grenades and RPGs. This talent costs 5 TP.

Kampfkraft – The Commando gains training in all facets of field craft. Rank 1 costs 2 TP and gives +2 to Demolitions, Disable Device, Computer Use and Medicine. These skills must be trained for the bonus to take effect. Rank 2 costs 1 TP and gives an additional +1 from Aid Another attempts, and gives an additional +1 to the target of an Aid Another attempt. Rank 3 costs 2 TP and gives +1 Attack and Damage with all weapons.

Focused Fire – The Commando’s intense training allows him to control his weapon, even during fully automatic fire. Reflex saves he inflicts gain +2 to the Resist DC, and Focused Shot attacks gain +1 Attack and +1 Damage.

Explosive Weaponry – Allows use of Grenade Launchers and Fragmentary Rockets. Ranks indicate increasing mastery, which increases the DC of the Reflex save against your Explosive Weapons (DC10+Dex mod+EW ranks).

Endurance – This talent gives the Commando +2 Fortitude, +5 Health and +2 to checks against Suppression. This talent costs 5 TP.

Shock Trooper – A Rifleman tier dedicated to the art and chaos of close-quarters combat, the Shock Trooper cares not that he fights within the splatter zone. All he cares is that his foes dont take kindly to a rifle butt smashing in their screaming faces. He also utilizes Incendiary Projector weapons to burn enemies out of entrenchments and burn down structures during urban combat. Much easier than storming inside.

6HP / Training Level

Heavy Hitter – Trains the Shock Trooper to hit even harder with melee attacks. This talent costs 5 TP and gives +1 Damage to all melee attacks.

Rifle Melee Mastery – Trains the Shock Trooper to hit harder still with Assualt weapon melee attacks. Rank 1 costs 2 TP and gives +1 Damage with Assault Weapon melee attacks. Rank 2 costs 3 TP and gives +1 Attack and Damage with Assault Weapon melee attacks. Rank 2 additionally gives Rank 1 Staggering Blow.

Urban Warfare Training – The Shock Trooper is trained for building-to-building, quick ‘n dirty street combat. Rank 1 costs 2 TP and gives +1 Attack and Damage with all weapons. Rank 2 costs 1 TP and gives +1 Attack against opponents in Cover. Rank 3 costs 1 TP and gives +2 Speed. Rank 4 costs 1 TP and gives +2 Attack with Touch Attacks and area-effect attacks.

Juggernaut – A hail of bullets will not slow down a Shock Trooper as he relentlessly closes on his target. Ranks 1 gives Immunity to Staggered while Charging, rank 2 gives Immunity to Stunned while Charging, rank 3 gives Immunity to Suppression while Charging, ranks 4 and 5 give a stacking +1 Will and Fortitude bonus while Charging.

Suppressor – The Shock Trooper masters Suppressive Fire. He can execute Suppressive Fire with an ASG, and uses half the rounds when he attempts Suppressive Fire with all automatic weapons except the ASG (rounded down).

Incendiary Projector – Shock Troopers are the only ones authorized to wield Incendiary Projector weaponry, and often the only ones close enough to the fray to use it. Ranks indicate increasing mastery, which manifests itself as stacking +1 DC to the Reflex save against Flamethrower weapons weilded by the Shock Trooper. The Shock Trooper can use Suppressive Fire with the Flamethrower to cover an area with searing Flames, dealing appropriate Burning Damage to all caught in the radius. Ranks also increase the DC of the Reflex save against his Suppressive Fire attacks with Incendiary Projectors. This stacks with the already increased DC.

Ranger becomes Assassin or Spy

Assassin – An Assassin is trained in the art of the sniper rifle, utilizing its long range and incredible precision to land deadly hits on fragile Nanotechnical Support personnel occupying enemy backlines. His use of nanotechnology makes his bullets deadlier and can neutralize enemy Support personnel, rendering them helpless against his incoming attacks.

4HP / Training Level

Extreme Far Shot – Assassins’ extreme training allows them to instinctively predict the bullet drop, wind velocity and other interfering factors associated with Ranged combat. This, combined with eagle-eyed vision and an exceptionally stable hand, allow Assassins to fire their rounds much further than normal. The Assassin gains an additional 1.5x RI with all Ranged weapons.

Executioner’s Strike – Assassins’ training techniques have honed their combat skills to a razor’s edge, making even a single strike a death sentence for their target. Ranks 1 and 3 give +1 to Attack. Rank 2 gives +2 Damage against Helpless targets, and Rank 4 gives +1 Critical Threat range. Rank 5 gives +1 to Damage.

Shroud of Silence – Assassins are trained to hunt down enemy Nanotechnical Support personnel and eliminate them. The target must make a DC(15+SoS ranks) Will save or be Silenced, losing control of their Swarm until they break free of the Shroud. The DC of the save drops by 1 each turn unless the Assassin spends 10 Swarm\turn to maintain the Shroud. This nanoprogram costs 40 Swarm.

Sniper Weapons Mastery – The extreme training Assassins are given makes them ever more deadly with Sniper Weapons. Even when they fail to land a killshot, the devastation inflicted by an Assassins marksmanship belies the caliber of their weapons. Rank 1 costs 2 SP and gives +2 Damage while using Sniper Weapons. Rank 2 costs 3 SP and gives +1 Attack and +2 Damage with Sniper Weapons.

Nanobot Damage Aug – Coats a single projectile in volatile nanobots, adding stacking +1 Damage per rank. Rank 4 allows the nanobots to infect joint tissue, significantly slowing Movement and reducing Attack (-6 Speed, -33% Attack rounded down). This can be cured with a Swarm Purge. Rank 5 allows the nanobot-coated shell to ignore Armor bonuses, but costs +20 Swarm. This nanoprogram costs 10 Swarm and an additional 5 Swarm per rank.

Detect Nanotechnology – Most Assassins train themselves to sense other Swarms in the area. When a Notice check is made, the Assassin may Notice other Swarms (DC20 Notice check) and be able to sense their locations (DC25 Notice check). Each rank adds a stacking +2 Notice bonus to find Swarms. Rank 5 allows an Assassin to sense if these Swarms belong to friend or foe (DC35 Notice check).

Spy – The knife in the dark, the suave suit, the one who can talk through anyone and the one who can never be kept from any secret. The Spy is all of these. The Spy utilizes Swarm to conceal any suspicious equipment or stolen secrets, as well as her true identity. She is a master of infiltration, reconaissance and assassination. A team who needs something done quickly and quietly should bring a Spy.

4HP / Training Level

Stealth Weapons Mastery – The Spy is the master of stealthy close-quarters engagements. Rank 1 costs 2 SP and gives +1 Damage while using Stealth Weapons. Rank 2 costs 3 SP and gives +1 Attack and Damage with Stealth Weapons.

Shadow’s Embrace – The Spy recieves utility training to prepare herself for a wide variety of situations. Rank 1 gives her attacks +1 Armor Penetration (Maximum 3). Rank 2 gives +2 Notice. Rank 3 gives +2 Disable Device. Rank 4 gives +2 Stealth. Rank 5 gives +2 Speed.

Nanobot Infiltration – The Spy’s signature ability allows her to disguise her appearance using Swarm. This is often the only way to stay undetected in high-security areas. Nanobots will make the body take on preprogrammed forms, expending 10 Swarm every round to do so. It takes a true master to execute well enough that nobody will suspect her, and even more so to make it look truly real. Rank 1 gives a +6 bonus to Sense Motive checks against the Spy while Infiltration is active. Every subsequent rank gives a stacking -1 penalty to Sense Motive checks against the Spy, up to +1 at rank 5.

Nanobot Concealment – Equipment, supplies and other things can be broken down and carried by a Spy’s Swarm using nanoprograms. Normal breakdown and assembly time is 1 minute\item. Each item Concealed locks out some of the Spy’s maximum Swarm and training allows more, larger equipment to be Concealed. Rank 1 allows 3 pistol-sized objects to be Concealed (Attachments like suppressors count as the same item), Rank 2 allows 4 pistol-sized objects, Rank 3 allows 4 rifle-sized objects (or 8 pistol-sized objects), Rank 4 allows 5 rifle-sized objects, and rank 5 halves assembly time.

Universal Vulnerability Compendium – The Spy is trained to have incredible knowledge of vital areas. This skill costs 5 SP and gives +2 Damage to Criticals and +1 Critical Threat range.

Convincing Air – The Spy is a very charismatic person. Using her confidence and personal magnetism, she can Charm someone into cooperation, Intimidate them aside, or Bluff much more believably. This skill costs 5 SP and gives +4 to Charisma checks when the target can see the Spy.

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