Staggered: Stunned for a half-turn, moved back one 5-foot square.

Suppressed: A condition that decreases Speed by 20, Attack by 33% (rounded down, minimum 1), and Initiative by 3. This will often move the Suppressed character down in the turn order. Suppression can be broken by making a DC20 Will save (or DC15 if behind 50% or greater Cover) and the DC of the save goes down by 1 for every round the character is not attacked with Suppressive Fire.

Bleeding: A condition that causes 1 Damage per 2 rounds until cured with any healing nanoprogram or a DC10 Medicine check.

Burning: A condition that inflicts a set amount of unavoidable, unsaveable Damage over six rounds. Nanobot-inflicted Burning can be cured with a Swarm Purge.

Cleaven Flesh: A condition that takes off 25% of the target's maximum Health (maximum 15 Health lost). This Health loss cannot be Healed in any way until Cleaven Flesh is cured (DC20 Medicine check) or a healing nanoprogram is used on the character suffering from it.

Knocked Down: A condition that lays the target prone and Stuns them for one turn.

Stunned: A condition that renders a target completely Helpless and unable to act. Nanobot-inflicted Stun can be cured with a Swarm Purge from another character.

Blindness: A condition that renders the sufferer unable to see, taking -10 Attack for weapons without Spread. Weapons with Spread take only -5 Attack. Melee weapons take -7 Attack without Spread, -3 Attack with Spread. All forms of Blind take a DC20 Fortitude check to shake off unless otherwise stated, and the DC of this check decreases by 1 each round unless otherwise stated.

Silenced: A condition that causes the target to lose all maintained nanoprograms such as Nanobot Shielding or Nanobot Needle Aura, be unable to use any actions requiring control of their Swarm including nanoprogram usage and Swarm Purging, and lose control of any nanomachine structures such as Sentries and Regeneration Beacons. Nanobot-inflicted Silence can be broken with a Swarm Purge from another character or using a 'Catalyst' Cyclic Charge. An application of Silence during nanoprogram or Swarm Purge execution will unsaveably interrupt the action.

Seizure: A condition that forces the character to make a DC20 Will save or discharge their weapon, automatically fail their current skill check, unsaveably interrupt their current nanoprogram, be Knocked Down unless they are already prone, or cause an accident with their vehicle if they're currently driving one. If their weapon is Autofire capable, everyone in a 3×3 square cone from their weapon must make a DC15 Reflex save or be struck for the weapon's Damage. If the weapon is explosive, it is fired at the first square adjacent to the wielder, on the side where their trigger hand is. If driving a vehicle, the character must make a DC10+(Vehicle's current Speed\5) Reflex save or collide with a nearby object or vehicle at the GM's discretion.

Jammed: A Jammed weapon must have the chamber cleared and reloaded. This takes two turns and a DC10 Disable Device check to do, which can be made untrained at no penalty.

Overheated: The weapon becomes too hot to fire for a half turn. Undertaking another Autofire action forces the weapon to make a DC5 save or be too damaged to fire again. The DC of the save increases by 5 every time it succeeds. Once the weapon overheats, it takes 10 rounds and a DC10 Repair check, along with a Parts Package of the appropriate type, to repair the weapon. Heat can be disappated by simply not firing for an entire round.

Death Damage: A unique form of Damage that directly attacks the life-force of a target. Death Damage is dealt straight to the target's Constitution score, and cannot be resisted by most means. The target can make a DC15 Fortitude save to halve incoming Death Damage. Characters can begin to regenerate Death Damage after two rounds of not being hit by Death Damage. This regeneration rate is 2 per round, with an additional +1 for each two ranks in Nanobot Regen Aug. Death Damage does not hurt structures, objects or vehicles.


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