L-NTBS: A fragile, light nanotube suit that provides little protection but gives high mobility. +3 Defense, Max Dodge +10

M-NTBS: The bodysuit used by almost every soldier everywhere, the Medium Nanotube Bodysuit provides an excellent balance of protection and mobility. +6 Defense, -3 Dodge bonus (Minimum 1), Max Dodge Bonus +5

H-NTBS: The heavy, uncomfortable bodysuit issued to soldiers on high-risk combat missions and urban warfare. +8 Defense, -5 Dodge bonus (Minimum 1), Max Dodge Bonus +2, -2 Speed

HM-NTBS: The Hardened Medium Nanotube Bodysuit was commisioned by Kylie 'Synergy' Klien and Brandon 'Fixit' Jones, who desired her comrades have a better balance between mobility and protection. The chest, groin and legs have hardened plating, but the rest of the armor remains the same to increase mobility. +7 Defense, -3 Dodge bonus (Minimum 1), Max Dodge Bonus +4

UH/H-NTBS: The Ultra Heavy/Hardened Nanotube Bodysuit was commissioned by Derek 'Charger' Marshal, Libra 'Boomer' Glados and their Brawler tier comrades. Improvements include toughened joint plating, hardened plating over the torso, abdomen, groin and thighs, reinforced visor, puncture resistant boots, and heavy, hardened armguards. +10 Defense, -7 Dodge bonus (Minimum 1), Max Dodge Bonus +1, -3 Speed

LNTU-SIS: This version of the Nanotube Underlay Suit was commissioned by Lilith 'Dancer' Shiyou and Travis 'Cowboy' Rock. Designed to be sewn into civilian clothes, the main focus of this suit is freedom of movement. Considerable protection has been sacrificed for this goal, but the result yields body armor well suited to Scrapper tiers. +3 Defense, Max Dodge +15

CI-NTBS: The armor issued to, and only wearable by, augmented infantry. Consisting of two layers of ultra-dense carbon nanotubes with nanotube-sheathed titanium support wires sandwiched in between to provide easy repairs and additional protection against shrapnel and explosives. In addition, it's onboard electronics and Qputer systems enhance functionality of augmentations, making them even more powerful. +11 Defense, -2 Damage from explosions and area effects, +2 Attack, +2 Damage with all melee weapons

NMUCC-G-NTBS Mk2: The Nanomage Urban Close Combat Grafted Nanotube Bodysuit is currently in use by most Nanomage infantry on every side of the conflict. Better designed to endure the rigors of high-risk missions, the UCC suit gives far better protection and houses a number of powerful Qputer systems and Swarm channeling devices to amplify the efficency and regeneration of Swarm. However, a normal human brain could not tolerate the vast amount of information flowing from the suit back into itself, nor could it regulate the demanding internal electronics enough to have any effect, thus this suit is only wearable by Nanomages. +8 Defense, +2 Attack with all offensive nanoprograms, +10 Swarm recovery, +2 to DC of all saves against your offensive nanoprograms

Nanotechnical Support Grafted NTBS: The NTS-G-NTBS is designed to optimize the efficency of nanotechnical support personnel in combat with fiber-optic neuronal channeling to augment communication with the user's Swarm. More complicated versions give interesting benefits, but potentially deadly side effects to those without Nanomage genetics. +3 Defense, +1 Attack to all offensive nanoprograms

Nanotube Underlay Infiltrator's Fine Suit: The NTU-S is designed to give covert operatives uncompromising protection in hostile territory. Cut somewhat wide at the shoulders, loose at the waist and wide around the thighs, the Infiltrator's Fine Suit is designed for concealing equipment without attracting attention. More powerful versions are available for augmented infantry.  +5 Defense, -1 to Sense Motive checks against wearer, -2 Speed

Master Infiltrator's Omni-Camo Aug Suit: The MI OCA NTU-S is built with a UDNT underlay for optimum protection in hostile territory. Using a powerful Qputer and experimental electroreactive fabrics it can augment athletic performance and camouflage the wearer. +8 Defense, +3 to Reflex Saves, -2 to Sense Motive checks against wearer, +2 Stealth, +2 Bluff


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