CGS Gareth Barton

The head of Intelligence Command's new Anti-Nanowarfare Division.


Level 20 Male Assassin



Str: 10+6+0=16 (3)

Dex: 10+20+0=30 (10)

Con: 10+6+0=16 (3)

Int: 10+16+0=26 (8)

Wis: 10+12+0=22 (6)

Cha: 10+4+0=14 (2)



Toughness: 3+3+7=13

Fortitude: 3+3+0=6

Reflex: 3+10+0=13

Will: 4+6+0=10



Defense: 10+0+10+0=20

Initiative: 0+10+0=10

Attack: 14

Ranged Attack: 24

Melee Attack: 17



40 points remaining


Class Skills:

Basic Ranged Weapons 3

Quick Draw 3

Elusive Target 5

Take Aim 5

Stealth Weapons 5

Backpain 5

Stealth 5

Escapist 5 

Sniper Weapons 5

Executioner's Strike 5

Shroud of Silence 5 

Sniper Weapons Mastery 5 

Nanobot Damage Aug 5

Detect Nanotechnology 3



Grandmaster Silencer's Omni-Camo Infiltrator's Suit: +5 Toughness, Camouflage, +1 Attack, +1 to all Charisma checks, Conceals Equipment

MP-9x Stealth: +Variable, Ammo Types, Silenced, Autofire, Magazine (30)

LP-572: +2 Damage,  Armor Penetration, Silenced, Magazine (20)

HRP-440: +Variable, Ammo Types, Magazine (8) 

CSR 'Mindflayer': +10 Damage, additional +2 Damage to targets with +2 Armor Toughness or less, DC17 Strength check or be Knocked Down, Bipod, +2 Critical Threat range, +2 Attack, -3 Attack if target is within 5 squares, +2 Attack at 100m out or futher, +75% Maximum Range, Magazine (10)


The Grandmaster Silencer is a new post made in the United Earth Government only a few hundred years ago in response to threatened revolts by Nanomage extremists. That means that Gareth Barton is the only person to ever occupy the chair, and he's done a fine job so far. Encouraging intense study of nanowarfare techniques practiced by UEG and private instructors, he is responsible for developing the Shroud of Silence nanoprogram, as well as refining the Swarm Purge enough that it can be used by nearly anyone, not just highly trained Nanomages and Nanoempaths. His mountainous accomplishments in the field of counter-nanotechnology worry most nanobot users, not just Nanomages. The power he wields could be used to destroy civilization as the world currently knows it, so citizens are reasonably worried that he could rip asunder the gifts that Nanomages have graced society with. Time will tell if he will use or abuse his power.

CGS Gareth Barton

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