GoC Anya Makarov

The General of the Council and Commander of the United Earth Government military.


Level 20 Female Commando



Str: 10+10+0=20 (5)

Dex: 10+16+0=26 (8)

Con: 10+10+0=20 (5)

Int: 10+6+0=16 (3)

Wis: 10+14+0=24 (7)

Cha: 10+10+0=20 (5) 



Toughness: 7+5+15=27

Fortitude: 7+5+0=12

Reflex: 2+8+0=10

Will: 3+7+0=10



Defense:  10+11+0+0=21

Initiative: 0+8+2=10

Attack: 11

Ranged Attack: 19

Melee Attack: 16



26 points remaining


Class Skills:

Elusive Target 5

Quick Draw 3

Basic Ranged Weapons 5

Take Aim 4

Assault Weaponry 5

Suppressive Fire 5

Rifle Melee Combat 5

Entrenchment 2 

Heavy Weapons 5

Explosive Weaponry 5

Field Craft 5

Focused Autofire 5

Assault Weapons Mastery 5

Anti-Tank Weapons 5 



General's Ceremonial Power Armor: +13 Toughness, +1 Attack, +2 Damage with all melee attacks, Unlimited Special Ammunition, Terrifying Presence (+5 to any Intimidate checks made by wearer or allies within 3 squares)

'Deadly Delilah': +15 Damage, -3 Armor Toughness, Devastating Recoil, Magazine (5)

'Graceful Gabriel': +10 Damage, additional +10 Damage against +2 Armor Toughness or less, Devastating Recoil, Magazine (5)

AR-556: +4 Damage, Armor Penetration, Autofire, Launcher Mount, Magazine (40)

RGL-40: +5 Damage to target square, +5 Damage to target and adjacent squares, Magazine (6)

PAAR-500: +10 Damage, -3 Armor Toughness, Vehicle Armor Penetration, Magazine (6) 


Anya Makarov was born into a family with a long line of proud military service, but when she told her father she'd make him proud and be 'the General of everything', he believed her. Enlisting right out of high school, she was a complete master of battlefield strategy games and achieved phenominal scores in VR training against live opponents. After her team had fallen during training, Anya killed the entire enemy platoon with nothing but her assault rifle and one nanosynth carbon panel. She was immediately invited to Advanced Officer Training school, where she proceeded to wipe the floor with the other candidates in VR training and strategy games. Given full command over a platoon of live soldiers in simulations, she could wipe out entire companies. When pressed into combat to lead from the ground in the same simulations, she fought with ferocity and vicious efficency while her troops followed in step. After some time she was pitted against an anonymous opponent with an entire division under his command. She was given only a battalion. Only eight hours later, she had handed the General of the Council himself a resounding defeat. He handed his mantle down to young Anya with great respect and retired to the 95th Ghosts. She then took command just at the start of the Third Derelict War, and now leads the UEG into this radical new form of warfare where nanotechnology changes the rules of engagement and the battlefield. How she, her soldiers and her tactics will fare remains to be seen.

GoC Anya Makarov

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